Abdullah Hussaini
6:00 PM
Certificate in MYOB Essentials Course 2017
Become a confident MYOB user in just 4 weeks from the comfort of your own home!
4 Weeks of Exclusive Live Webinar Series Plus 8 hours of Sessions' Recording Videos for Just $249 

Certificate in MYOB 2017 is a “must do course” for those who are running their own business or looking for a job in an office (administration) finance, bookkeeping and accounting areas.
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This exclusive Certificate in MYOB Course 2017 is taught by a qualified    Accountant, Xero, MYOB & Payroll Teacher with over five years of experience. 
This MYOB course covers the follwing topics: 
  • Accounting for Absolute Beginners for people with no accounting background
  • MYOB step by step setup for both new and existing businesses
  • Create a new company file 
  • Save your company file
  • Add, edit and delete accounting codes
  • Enter accounts’ opening balances
  • Setup customers & suppliers’ details
  • Enter accounts receivable & payables opening balances
  • Enter credit and cash sales
  • Enter credit and cash purchases
  • Enter sales and purchase returns
  • Enter cash and goods drawings
  • Enter owner’s contribution
  • Enter prepayment expense
  • Enter customers & Suppliers’ payments
  • Track income and expenses
  • Enter freight charge and late payment fee
  • Process discounts to customers & suppliers
  • Record credit and cash expenses
  • Issue credit notes for customer & supplier
  • Enter credit purchase of fixed assets
  • Prepare GST return for IRD
  • Prepare bank reconciliation report at the end of month
  • Find, edit, reverse and delete recorded transactions
  • Carry out accounts receivable and payable reconciliations
  • Record reoccurring transactions
  • Print end of months & year financial reports
  • Carrying out end of month/year adjustments 

This MYOB course is 8 hours long and its is delivered via exclusive live webinar series over 4 weeks on Friday from 6-8 pm.
Participants will receive my newly published MYOB step by step book for an extra $75 plus will have full access to all live webinar recordings
Participants will also receive FREE one-to-one support for three months after live webinar series are ended. 
You will never be alone in your learning journey, I will be with you every step of the way. 
What Do Our Clients Say?

 “What I liked the most about this LIVE WEBINAR MYOB training was the fact that I didn’t leave my home and also had immediate access to video recording. The contents were very rich and great value for money. I have learnt a lot more than I had expected. The tutor is so knowledgeable in his subject and very friendly and helpful. I have already signed up for my next three courses with him. If you are like me, don’t have any accounting background and no MYOB experience whatsoever, then just sign up and enjoy learning. This is the most hands-on and practical course I have ever come across and highly recommend to all. A truely 5 star MYOB course  as it ticked all the boxes for me plus a whole lot more.”


Kiran Sahar 

We are a small Immigration Consultancy business. Abdullah’s method of teaching is very simple and easy to understand. His methods cater for all levels of experience with accounting systems. As a trainer and accountant, he has good knowledge and understanding of business, especially start-up businesses. He is an excellent trainer. We have found his book extremely helpful and very worthwhile.  

Vaninder BassanNew Start Ltd

I would certainly recommend Abdullah to anyone who needs help with MYOB at any level. As an accountant and MYOB trainer he has a depth of understanding and competence that would be helpful to most MYOB users and those requiring general accounting assistance.  

Wayne HoldenSas Wholesale Enterprises Ltd

We have just opened our new gym facility and even though I have a lot of background in accounting my main goal was to get assistance in ensuring the accounts were all set up correctly. Abdullah definitely assisted in achieving that goal. I would highly recommend Abdullah, he is very knowledgeable in the principles of accounting and the MYOB software. He was very patient and always willing to share his wealth of business knowledge.

Kimberley Murphy Hale Health Centre Ltd

AH Accounting has ensured that I understand basic accounting practices and helped me to be a pro at using my MYOB for GST, and PAYE. It saves so much time it has amazed my friends. He also mentored us in regards to writing our own Employee contracts and registering our business. I found Abdullah to be a calm and patient teacher. He is always available when I need help. I highly recommend AH Accounting to anyone who is new to running their own business.

Rachelle Steel Pro Industries Ltd

Very worthwhile and very helpful. The course was very good value for money. Having a little understanding of accounting/bookkeeping is obviously an advantage but the homework of accountancy videos would be most helpful to students without this background.

Alisa Individual Training Client

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Course dates:
28 July 2017
04 August 2017
11 August 2017
18 August 2017

Only 10 spaces are available so register now to guarantee your seat!
Offer ends on 28 of July or when all available 10 seats are gone whichever comes first.
NB: You will receive a completion certificate after successfully completing this course which you can include in your job application. This is NOT a MYOB Advisor Certification course. MYOB Advisor Certification course exclusively belongs to MYOB NZ Ltd  
NB: The payroll module is NOT included in this course as it is taught separate in MYOB payroll course.
The Certificate in MYOB Course is consisting of four different MYOB and Accounting courses and it is designed to teach you step by step how to setup your accounts in MYOB and process huge accounting transactions in the real business setting. The course walks you through to the entire accounting and MYOB setup and processes, hence you learn MYOB from scratch. 
The course suits all skill levels and no previous knowledge of Accounting or MYOB is required, as it covers both  
Accounting and MYOB from the very beginning. 

Based on our research and client feedback, it is the first MYOB course that integrates both MYOB & Accounting skills to give you all the necessary knowledge and skills required to be successful in managing real business accounts in your business or at your workplace if you are working for an employer.